Competition 2018


The event will be held in The Cube at University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus.

University Road
SO17 1BJ


The competition will run over 2 days, starting on Saturday morning at 10:00am, and finishing on Sunday afternoon, around 5:00pm.

Day 1 - 21st April

Time Activity
10:00am Doors open
10:30am Introduction Briefing
11:00am Tinker time
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm League Matches
3:00pm Tinker Time
4:00pm Break (arena closed)
4:15pm League Matches
5:00pm End of day

Day 2 - 22nd April

Time Activity
9:00am Tinker Time
10:45am Arena closes
11:00am League Matches
11:45am Break
12:00pm League Matches
12:45pm Lunch + Team Photos
1:45pm League Matches
2:30pm Break / Tinker Time
3:40pm Heats
3:55pm Semifinals
4:10pm Final
4:30pm Prize Ceremony

Media Consent

In order to take photos and videos for promotional use (mainly on our website), we are required to collect a media consent release. We therefore require everyone (including team leaders, competitors and guests) who attends to complete a media consent form. Under 16s need a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf.


As expected, you'll need to bring your robot, in whatever state it may be. We also recommend bringing at least one laptop with you to work on. Laptops can be provided, however this needs to be arranged with us in advance.


Food on campus is scarce on weekends, so we recommend either ordering in food, or bringing something with you. There are a few corner-shops located nearby however. There's a map of local food places to help you find nearby food.

Game overview

A diagram of the arena

In this year’s game, Pirate Islands, each robot’s scoring zone starts a match containing five tokens which belonged to the team from the opposite corner. Robots have to avoid each other, as well as four pedestals placed between the scoring zones (see arena diagram).

Robots score two points for each of their own tokens in their scoring zone, but lose a point for each other token in their scoring zone. Robots also score a point for leaving their starting zone. Full details can be found in the rules.

League Scores

League matches make up most of the competition and seed the knockout. Winning a match earns 8 league points, coming second earns 6 points, third 4 points and last 2 points. Teams not present for a match do not earn any league points. Ties are resolved by sharing the league points for the tied positions evenly.

The results from this year’s competition are below:

TLA Name Game Points League Points
BPV Orion -51 89
BPV2 Brenda -62 83
BRK Bodgenhurst -55 87
CLY SCC -54 89
RGS Out Of The Blue -15 106
SEN SAS -69 77
SWI WIKZ -51 109
TTN Richard Taunton Sixth Form College -41 52


The results of the league seed the knockout stage, with the top two teams in each match earning a place in the following round.

Qualifier (#37)

Corner TLA Game Points Position
0 BRK -4 2
1 BPV2 3 1
2 SEN -5 3

Semi 1 (#38)

Corner TLA Game Points Position
1 RGS 8 1
2 BPV -5 3
3 BPV2 1 2

Semi 2 (#39)

Corner TLA Game Points Position
0 BRK 3 1
2 CLY 0 2
3 SWI -4 3

Final (#40)

Corner TLA Game Points Position
0 RGS -3 2
1 BPV2 -6 4
2 BRK -3 2
3 CLY 0 1

The overall winners were CLY. The tie for second place was resolved via league points. RGS were therefore placed in second and BRK in third. Details of the other prizes are available on our blog.